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Baan Thung Pattana Kha Mu Church

Church History

Baan Thung Pattana Kha Mu Church is an affiliated church of Kha Mu Alliance of Thailand established in 2000. The church was established by a team of evangelist Sion who was Canadian Missionary. At the beginning there were believers of Mr. Heung That and his relatives comprised of 3 families and joining in devotion with Hmong Tribes at Baan Thung Pattana Hmong, whom Pastor Thanawat Jancharoen is serving there. As the language barrier caused misunderstand of Hmong language therefore the division of devotion was made; for the morning for the Hmong and for the afternoon for the Kha Mu. This has been last for 4 years. Later on Mr.Heung That was appointed as leader while at the end of the 4th year, the Kha Mu believers split themselves and established their own church. Through their hard work and contribution from members as well as the blessing through His servant finally build their own church in 2005.

Currently there are 7 families comprises of 27 people. Mr. Heung That Kaewprasert is pastor and governs by committee. As the small church composition, therefore the church administrate in form of family and only having nurturing the church members, apart from that the church doesn’t have any other ministry yet. However it is hoped that the church is growing its ministry in the future.


Mr.Hueng That (Pastor)

Church Administration Committees

Child and Youth

Church Members