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Migrant Worker Children and Family Development Project (MCFDP)


Migrant Children who reside in Thailand receive education and their families quality of life improve.


  1. Providing an education opportunity towards migrant children in order to develop their knowledge
  2. To develop the quality of life of migrant children and their family
  3. To develop the staff capacity in order to response the calling of God

Project Implementing Methodology

  1. Providing education opportunity through support scholarship.
  2. Promoting learning towards the families of migrant children i.e. family hygiene, time management, family account management as well as concerned laws
  3. Following up of children and parents of both in school and their house in order to receiving the basic information of their daily life and change after joining the project
  4. Monitor and evaluation
  5. Translation and producing documents related to implemented activities

Activities of project

  1. Support 20 scholarship/ year
  2. 2. Promoting of holistic learning i.e.
    – Holistic related trainings
    – Field trip study
    – Organize an event according to special occurrences
  3. Organize training towards parents their daily life necessities and strengthening their families
    – Laws
    – Family hygiene
    – Family account
    – Other related issues
  4. Following up with families at their house and school
  5. Translation and producing documents


Presentation of scholarship

Training towards migrant children

Field trip study

Training towards parents

Follow up of migrant children at schools

Follow up at their house

Mother Day