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Tharn Praporn Church

History of Tharn Praporn Church

At the beginning there was an evangelist called Mr. Jan followed by Mr. Boontham and Mr.Pakdee who came from Yaowarat Church who evangelized to Tharn Praporn Church. In 1976 the first believers in this community was Mr. Jan Thiyo and his members. At the present there are believers of 21 families numbering 204 people. Tharn Praporn Church was established in 2003. There are 2 church cells namely; Huay Hin Lad Nok and 2. Huay Mai Duei.

Churches ministries

  • Church planting
  • Construct pray mountains
  • Revival during Christmas
  • Visit to 2 church cells
  • Construct of dining hall
  • Devotion  with other churches for 3 times/year
  • Evangelism 1 / year

Church ministry results

  • Church becomes self-reliant
  • Members are more participate in ministry
  • Members are eager to pray at pray mountains

Difficulties and challenges

  • Some members are not pay attention to the ministry
  • Leader is less educated
  • Lack of financial in order to construct buildings and evangelism


  • Start of savings scheme
  • Special offering once a month
  • Encouraging member to be enthusiastic in offering
  • Leader should be a role model towards members, sacrifice and pay attention to ministry and bold in faith

Church Personel Organizational Chart

Mr.Thinnawat Rojcharoonphan

Church Moderator

Mr.Wiworn Nupor


Mr.Boontha Rojcharoonphan

Assistant Pastor

Mr.Prasit Kampuk


Mr.Phisanu Jor Tae

Vice Moderator

Mr.Khamtai Pular ngern


Mrs. Jiraporn Nu Por

Assistant Treasurer

Mr.Vichit Nu Por


Mr.Tawee Tae Du


Mr.Sae Nee Kampuk

Youth Chairperson