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Thung Na Noi Church

History of village

Originally some of villagers migrated from Phu Chi Fah Mountains area located in Wiang Kaen District in year 1968. In that year the Communist seized the village therefore the villagers scattered. Some of them joined with the Communist while some of them migrated to Thung Na Noi. Time flied on some of Hmong escaping from Laos PDR where Gen. Pao who defeated war in 1975.

History of the Church

In year 1977 a man called Mr.Xia Touh Sae Her and Mr.Fong Sae Her became Christian but there was no servant to taking care of them consequently they returned to faith in animist. After that none of villagers became Christian. Until 1990 there was one family who she was a widow, her name was Mrs. Papor Sae Kong requested to Ban Thung Pattana Church (Thung Sai) to come to pray and nourishing her spiritual life. Mrs. Papor Sae Kong said that her husband received Christ in refugee camp. Her husband was detained in prison in 1989. She wanted to become Christian. She had 3 children. She kept her faith for 8 years. Thung Na Noi Church is an affiliate church of Thailand Christian in Alliance Hmong Division. At that time Mr.Thanawat from Thung Pattana Village came to visit her from time to time. Later on Mr.Kou Sae Yang received Christ at Thung Pattana Church. Mr. Kou Sae Yang walked for many years from Thung Na Noi to attain the church at Thung Pattana.

After that Mission Kaset Kim and Mr.Suriya Kiatorankun evangelized in 2001-2003 there was a widow family her name was Mrs. Da Sae Song received Christ. She received Christ after her husband died. While she was going to receive Christ the entire villagers including her kinship denied her as her kinship was haunted. The spirit loved to make thing chaos. The Hmong are very much scared of this type of spirit for example if a man marries to a haunted girl, a spirit will send an additional girl to a man. After Mrs. Da Sae Song received Christ as her savior in year 2003 soon after that there were 6 families received Christ. On 1 June 2003 Mr.Thanawat Jancharoen became interim pastor and a church has been fully built and opened on 1 June 2003. The Thung Na Noi Church has been appointed on 26 June 2005 by Mission Kaset Kim, Korean Mission. From its beginning up to now there has been increasing in number of members. The information of members describe following;

  • Total member 33 families
  • Baptized 88 persons
  • Not baptized 139 persons
  • Male 111 persons
  • Female 116 persons
  • Total member 227 persons

Remark: Currently Korean Missionary Kaset Kim had gone and planting a new organization. However Thung Na Noi Church is now under the 2nd District Church of the Church of Christ in Thailand, having the mission and vision as

  1. Minister in evangelize in local or with neighboring countries; Laos PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar and China
  2. Exchange and learning of culture in and out of Thailand
  3. Partnering with other churches in devotional
  4. Building up church leader in order to mature in Christ

Administration of the Church

  1. Mr. Thanawat Jancharoen – Pastor
  2. Mr. Nattasorn Thaipattana – Moderator
  3. Mr. Phongthep Sae Lee –  Vice Moderator
  4. Mr. Mitree SongJaratphongsatorn – Secretary
  5. Mr. Vorayot Sae Lee –  Treasurer
  6. Mrs. Suwanthana Hanjangsit –  Treasurer
  7. Mr. Sakchai Sae Raya – Deacon
  8. Mr. Tu Sae Lee –  Deacon
  9. Mrs. Naria Sae Wa –  Deacon
  10. Mr. Phantawit Thaipattana –  Deacon
  11. Mrs. Sara Watnatrungroj –  Deacon
  12. Mr. Sahachai Watnatrungroj –  Advisor
  13. Mr. Jor Sae Yang –  Advisor and Elder