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If you would like to respond to the work that we do at MMF, there are several ways in which you can be involved. Every gift that we receive—be it of prayer, time, or funds—is of great meaning and value to us. To assist us in our work and ministry you can:

  • Donate funds directly to an MMF project that you feel led to help with such as our Humans Rights works,  Minority Youth Projects (Milagros and Thai Girls Sponsorship), Migrant Worker Children and Family Development Project   , or Church and Community Mobilization projects.
  • Sponsor a staff member.  MMF would like to give staff members the freedom to work according to their vision without the burden of financial pressure.  In particular, our vital Office staff who are not part of our project budgets are in continual need of other sources to provide their monthly wages.   Without them, MMF couldn’t do the work it does!  Please consider supporting one of our office staff members for approximately USD 350/month.
  • Provide money for the MMF Emergency Fund.  Currently, the majority of the Emergency Fund comes from offerings by the MMF staff at our Monday morning fellowship. The money is used to support individuals or communities in the Chiang Rai Province who are victims of various sorts emergencies such as natural disasters, family health issues, accidents and many others.
  • Or simply contribute to the general funds and ongoing running costs of MMF!

The Mekong Minority Foundation appreciates all donations no matter how small or large. To make a donation you can email “

To make a direct deposit into our account in Thailand, please send to:

Kasikornbank: Hayak Pawkhun Meng Rai, Chiang Rai,
Superhighway Road Chiang Rai , 57000 , Thailand
Account Name: Mekong Minority Foundation
Account No.: 455 – 2 -0 7595 – 7

*NOTE: Please notify MMF with your details if you give a donation, so that we can show our appreciation!*

Please pray for provision for our staff and our projects, and for the continued transformation of the minority communities in which we work!