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About MMF


Prior its registration it was part of Chiangrai Office of World Concern Thailand. It worked on support towards PWHA and doing community development with ethnic communities. Its office located at Hayaek Porkhun King Mengrai Statue in Mueang Chiangrai Province.

Later on World Concern planned to discontinue of the South East Asia Region included Thailand consequently working staff led by Mr. Scott Coats who was a manager by that time didn’t want to cease its implementation in the area as well as having the committed heart to help the ethnic people, wanting to see the quality of life development so forming as Mekong Minority Foundation. Its objectives are following;

  1. Supporting and promoting an education, sports, art and science towards ethnic people in Mekong Sub Region.
  2. Promoting the life quality development of marginalized.
  3. To strengthen the local leadership towards sustainable life development.
  4. To promote and upholding the local economy.
  5. To promote and strengthen the human rights and human dignity.
  6. To cooperate and liaise with other social charity organizations.
  7. To not execute any business affiliated with politics

MMF has been approved its permission on 1 December 2547 B.E.

God bless MMF abundantly with lots of its ministry, eventually MMF has moved from its previously office to a new place at Huay Pla Glang Community M.3 T. Rimkok Mueang Chiangrai Province in the late 2549 B.E.

The old Photo


Present Photo



“Minority tribal communities demonstrating love to one another while helping each other to develop a sustainable way of life in Mekong Sub-Region”


“MMF seeks to facilitate holistic development within minority tribal communities by building leadership capacity and strengthening community organizations through a process of mutual learning and participation which is based on a foundation of faith and a respect for indigenous culture”



As a Christian Organization, MMF realizes that community development is a mission to serve God. In particular we remember Jesus’ words, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

The Value of Ethnic Minority Cultures

MMF is concerned with and recognizes the value of the good and beautiful things in the traditional ethnic minority way of life. It is our desire to improve the quality of life for ethnic minority communities in way that helps them to adjust appropriately to a rapidly changing world while maintaining their dignity.

The Development of People Resources

MMF gives high importance to improving the capacity of individuals, including MMF staff, community leaders, and village members. For us, it is important that this process of developing people be based on a foundation of Christian ethics and Biblical principles

Common Vision and Clear Goals

MMF is committed to working together as a team to identify a common vision and establish clear goals, recognizing that participation and clarity in the process results in greater ownership by the team as a whole.

Sustainability and Security

MMF is committed to long-term, sustainable development which results in greater security and enduring benefits.

Honesty – Integrity – Transparency

MMF purposefully seeks to establish our trustworthiness with those around us by operating in ways that are open, honest, and transparent.

The Importance of Participation

MMF is committed to creating strong leaders and community groups who utilize a participatory style of development which invites participation from all affected parties (leaders, community members, staff, etc.) in the decision-making process and creates a greater sense of ownership of decisions that are reached.

Pursuing Equality and Providing Opportunity

MMF is committed to reaching out to the most vulnerable and marginalized members of communities. Therefore, target groups are selected without discrimination related to factors such as gender, religion, status, or nationality.

Loving Relationships

MMF is a Christian organization which operates on a foundation of Love. We recognize the value of strong relationships between people and between organizations. We believe that Love is both the best motivation and the best foundation for improving the quality of life within communities.

The Family as an Institution

MMF recognizes that healthy family relationships are a key factor towards the fulfillment of our mission and vision. Therefore, we stress the importance of building healthy relationships within families both in communities and in the lives of MMF staff. “Healthy Families, Healthy Communities, Healthy Societies.”