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Huay Mai Duei Church

Background of Huay Mai Duei Church

The name of this community church was name from the Fig tree which mentioned in the Old Testament. Obviously there have been grown widely, with different species in different area of this community. Therefore the community was named “ Huay Mai Duei”

In the past time the villagers of Huay Mai Duei faith in ancestral and adorn of animism never believes in God. In year 1975 Mr.Pakdee Kampu migrated to Pa Kha, a nearby community and evangelized. The first believer was Mrs. Er Kham later on more of believers increased however by that time there was no pastor. However there was a believer from Pa Kha his name was Uncle Namu who cherished and shared gospel from time to time. Later on Mr.Thawatchai Buaban became a pastor since 1 May 2008 up to present. In January 18, 2010 a church was constructed and finished on 25 February 2012. Currently there are 17 family members. Huay Mai Duei Church is a cell was appointed on the 1 January 2012 by Rev.Prasit Ta Kam.

The key role responsible person are following;

  • Mr.Thawatchai Buaban – Acting pastor
  • Mrs. Jarunee – Treasurer
  • Mr.Lert Touryouh – Decon
  • Mrs.Rattikarn Ja So – Women Group
  • Mr.Surapon Miga – Decon
  • Mr.Pisan KamUi – Decon
  • Mrs.Yupin Raksakuntawee – Secretary


Mr.Surapon Mika


Mr.Thawatchai Buaban

Assistant Pastor

Mr.Pisan KamUi

Vice Moderator

Mr.Jan Touryouh


Mrs.Jalanee Jasee


Mr.Gashaw Jasi


Mrs.Supranee Touryouh


Mrs.Yupin Raksakuntawee


Mr.Monrat Dadi


Mr.Yuthapong Wathasithik


Mr.Noi Kasijai

Development Committee